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55 Lesser Known facts about Bappi Lahiri which you would Love to know

Bappi Lahiri: more than 55 less known facts
Bappi Lahiri: more than 55 less known facts

Key Facts about Bappi Lahiri

 1Birth nameAlokesh Lahiri
 2Nick NamesBappi Da, Disco king of India, King of Disco
 3Born27 November 1952
Jaipaiguri, West Bengal, India
 4Died15 February 2022 (aged 69) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
 5Occupation(s)Singer, Composer, Record Producer, Politician
 6InstrumentsVocals, Tabla, Piano, Drum, Guitar, Saxophone, Bongos, Dholak
 7Years active1972–2020
 8LabelsBL Sound , Saregama,
Venus Records & Tapes,
Tips Industries,
Universal Music Group, Abbey Road Studios , Planet LA Records
 9Height163cm (5feet 4 inch)
 10Weight80kg (176lbs)
 11Eye ColorBrown
 12Hair ColorBlack
 13Age69 years
 14WifeChitrani Lahiri
 15FatherAparesh Lahiri
 16MotherBansari Lahiri
 17SonBappa Lahiri
 18DaughterRema Lahiri
 19Son in LawGovind Bansal
 20Daughter in Law Tanisha Lahiri
 21GrandsonSwastik Bansal , Krish Lahiri
 22AwardsFilmfare Lifetime Achievement Award
24Death ReasonObstructive Sleep Apnea
25CasteBengali Brahmin
26Net worthRs 22 crore

Some Important Facts about Bappi Lahiri

Fact-1 Bappi Da’s real name…

Bappi Lahiri’s real name was Alokesh Lahiri,

Fact-2 Bappi Da’s Kishore Kumar connection

Kishore Kumar was Bappi Lahiri’s distant maternal uncle

Fact-3 Bappi Da’s debut film

His debut film is with Kishore Da’s ‘Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi‘.

Bappi Lahiri sued Dr Dre in 2003 for copying his music from the song “Kaliyon ka chaman jab banta hai, thoda resham lagta hai “. Later Dr Dre has given the credits to Bappi Da and the matter was resolved.

Fact-5 Bappi Lahiri Tabla playing

He started playing Tabla at a tender age of just three-years.

Fact-6 Bappi Da’s world record..

Bappi Lahiri made a Guinness Book of World records for recording over 180 songs for 33 films. These all the films were released in 1986 in a single year.

Fact-7 Disco king of India or King of Disco

He is known as Disco king of India or King of Disco .Bappi Dada’s film disco dancer has drastically changed the music of Bollywood. Everybody started dancing on disco dancer tunes

Fact-8 Bappi Da’s styling inspiration

Although Bappi Da is known for his own style But Bappi Da’s styling inspiration was Mr. Elvis Presley. In an interview of TV show Indian Idol He revealed this truth.

Fact-9 Last Composition

He has composed a devotional song ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’ track which was sang by Anuradha Juju. This is said to be his last composition.

Fact-10 Contested election

Bappi Lahiri joined politics in year 2014. He has contested Sreerampur, Lok Sabha seat from Bhartiya Janata Party’s ticket but lost against Kalyan Banerjee of TMC in 2014.

Fact-11 ‘Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, Aaja Aaja Aaja’

His famous song ‘Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, Aaja Aaja Aaja’ from ‘Disco Dancer’ was quite popular globally.This song won many accolades globally. This song was recreated in Hollywood film ” You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” in 2008.

Michael Jackson said to be the big fan of Jimmy Jimmy song!

He also got recorded in London’s World Book for contribution to the world music through this song.

Rapper M.I.A. in her album , performed her own rendition for Jimmy Jimmy

Fact-12 Made Jingle for Mike Tyson

When famous boxer Mike Tyson was invited to India to attend MMA tournament, Bappi Da has composed a a welcome jingle “Om Swagatam” with his disco signature.

Fact-13 Bappi Da a generational singer

Dada was a generational singer. He sang and composed for many famous superstars at their time as well as their sons in his five decade long carrier. He sang for Amitabh Bachchan and his son Abhishek Bachchan, Sunil Dutt and Sanjay Dutt, Dev Anand and Sunil Anand, Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. He also wished to sing for Sunny Deols’s son Karan but couldn’t.

Fact-14 Massive fan following in Russia

Dada enjoyed a massive fan following in USSR. His song When Bappi Lahiri released Jimmy Jimmy, It became super duper hit not only in Russia but all over the world. It had become a cult song in USSR and is still loved by the people.

Fact-15 Collaborated with ” The Jackson 5 “

In year 2007, Bappi Lahiri signed and international project with renowned pop band “The Jackson 5″When he finalized a deal with The Jackson 5. Randy and Jermaine Jackson duo all flew down to India for the deal.

Fact-16 First Indian composer to be in The Grammy Award jury

In year 2012, Bappi dada was the first Indian composer to be part of the Grammy jury.

Fact-17 Nomination for Oscars and Golden Globs Award

In year 2017, He was nominated at the Oscars and Golden Globes Awards, for giving his voice to the films Moana and Lion. He sang the song for the film Moana and dubbed the character Tamatoa in the same .His composition “Come Closer” which was influenced by – Imagination’s 1981 song Body Talk. Dev Patel has acted in this song and It was in the soundtrack of Hollywood movie “Lion” in 2016.

Fact-18 In 2006 given vocals for the first time to another composer

Although dada sang many songs in which he has composed the music. But in year 2006 for the first time he has given vocals to the songs not composed by him. Upto year 2006 he has never given vocals to any other composer’s song . It was Vishal-Shekhar’s Taxi No. 9211 in which He sang ‘Bambai Nagariya ‘ for the first time and rest is history. It was a big hit.

Fact-19 Composed tribute song for Michael Jackson

In year 2009, when Michael Jackson passed away, Bappi dada paid his tribute to the legendary pop singer by composing a tribute song for him .When Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, Bappi Lahiri composed a special song, called “Don’t Say Goodbye” as a tribute to the pop legend.

Fact-20 Collaborated Internationally

He has collaborated with various acclaimed international artists like Elton John,Akon and Lady Gaga. He dubbed his voice in Kingsmen: The Golden Circle in Hindi.

Fact-21 Promotional video song of Guardian Of The Galaxy

His song “Jhoom Jhoom Baba ” was utilized in the Hindi promotional video of Guardian Of The Galaxy. You witness the characters Gamora, Star-Lord and Rocket dancing on the tunes.

Fact-22 Jitendra Connection

Jitendra and Bappi Lahiri combo made a record by giving 12 super-duper hit silver jubilee movies from 1983-1985 ,Bappi da has composed the music of all these superhits.

Fact-23 Bappi Da’s Disco style song inspiration

Rupa Biswas’s 1982 album “Disco Jazz” is said to be the inspiration for Bappi Dada’s disco style songs.

Fact-24 Record for vocalizing duets with late singers

Bappi Lahri made a record when he vocalized a duet “Nothing is Impossible” with two late legendary singers Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar for film “Zakhmee” in year 1975

Fact-25 First bengali film as musician

Bappi dada’s first bengali film film as a musician was Dadu (1974). He sang a duet with legendar Lata didi in this film.

Fact-26 Disco King and Ghazals

It is lesser known fact that the very famous ghazal ‘Kisi najar ko tera intejar aaj bhi hai ..’ in 1985 film “Aitbaar” was composed by the Disco king of India, Bappi Lahiri.

Fact-27 The only Indian music director , invited by Jonathon Ross

In 1989 he became the only Indian music director who has been invited by Jonathon Ross for a live performance on BBC London.

Fact-28 Conferred House of Lords

He contributed a lot for an NGO- Justice for widows for which He has been conferred the “House of Lords” award.

Fact-29 First composition for Hindi film

His first Hindi film as a music composer was 1973’s movie “Nanha Shikari”

Fact-30 Made record for most song recording in a single day

Bappi da once made a world recorded by recording most number of songs in a single day.

Fact-31 Bappi Dada worked with American Idol

In year 2011, He had collaborated with American Idol Contestant Shaun Barrows and released the music album, “Walking on Love Street” featuring Shaun.

Fact-32 Amitabh Bachchan …

Once someone asked Bappi dada that who he thinks as a competitor in music industry? :

Bappi Da replied-

“In film industry, there is Amitabh Bachchan and in music industry, there is Bappida. But Amitabh Bachchan is 12 years older than me.”

Fact-33 Dubbed for Disney

Bappi Lahiri has dubbed in Hindi for a key character “Tamatoa” in Disney’s musical film, Moana (2016).

Fact-34 International musicians who dressed like Bappi Lahiri ?

Once asked in an interview that which International musicians dressed like him ! Bappi Lahiri replied “There is no competition, but there are singers who dress like me. Among women, there’s Beyonce and there’s Shakira and among men, there is 50 Cent, Eminem and definitely, Akon.

Fact-35 ‘It’s Rocking Dard-E-Disco’

Bappi acted in a full-fledged role in the movie ‘It’s Rocking Dard-E-Disco’.

Fact-36 When “The Disco king of India” met “King of Pop”

In year 1996, The “King of Pop” Michael Jackson visited India for his performance in Mumbai. The “Disco King of India” Bappi Da was the only Indian musician invited to attend Jackson’s live show. The “King of Pop” during his performance, noticed Lahiri’s gold chain with the Ganesh pendant and told him ” I like your song, Jimmy Jimmy.” 

Fact-37 Whom he liked to play his character in a biopic of his life?

Bappi Lahiri once said in an interview that he wishes Ranveer Singh to play his role ,If a biopic is made on his life.

Fact-38 When Lata Mangeshkar predicted his carrier.

It was 1955 , When Lata Mangeshkar had predicted about Bappi Lahiri and said that ” One day this boy will make the world dance to his tunes”

Fact-39 Pioneer of disco beats in India

Bappi Da will always be remembered as the pioneer of disco beats in India. His vibrant, rhythmic, and refreshing music had compelled the entire entire nation to dance on these tunes for several decades. He is regarded as sole originator of the disco beat in India. Even today, Bappi Da is the “Disco King” of India,

Fact-40 Indian Premiere League (IPL) connection

In year 2008, Bappi da has composed the tunes for Shahrukh Khan’s Indian Premiere League team Kolkata Knightriders.

Fact-41 Winner of many awards

He has been awarded many prestigious awards for his contribution to the music Industry. He said in an interview that :

“I was the first Indian music composer to win the China Gold Award for Jimmy Jimmy from Disco Dancer. Adam Sandler repeated the song in his film Zohan, Disco Dancer is historical, as are Sharaabi and Namak Halal. In the 1980s I started disco with Mithun Chakraborty’s film Suraksha where he danced like John Travolta. I have also worked with Apache Indian and Boy George. I gave Samantha Fox her Bollywood break opposite Govinda”

Fact-42 Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award

He won the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award at 63rd Filmfare Awards in Year 2018.

Fact-43 Bappi Lahiri’s networth

Bappi Lahiri’s net worth is about 22 crore rupees.

Fact-44 Charge for composing single song

Bappi Lahiri used to charge 8-10 Lakh rupees for composing a song.

Fact-45 When Bappi Lahiri refused to by gold chain

“On the occasion of Dhanteras Bappi Da refused to buy gold chain and said Everything is gold. I have enough gold chains So this time we will buy some another gold item.

Fact-46 “Chalte Chalte”

Filmmaker and Lyricist Amit Khanna says that ” Bappi Lahiri got his big break in Hindi cinema with 1976 movie “Chalte Chalte” when celebrated composers RD Burman and Laxmi Kant-Pyarelal had to back out due to their busy schedules.This film was directed by Sunder Dar and the film remains popular till date for Lahiri’s composition “Chalte Chalte Mere Ye Geet Yaad Rakhna “, which was sung by Kishore Kumar with lyrics by Amit Khanna.

Fact-47 Used to wear 7-8 Gold chains at a time

Lahiri Owned More Than 754 gms of gold jewelry. At a time he used to wear 7 to 8 gold chains, bracelets and several gold rings.

Fact-48 Gold is my God

Bappi da is known as Gold Man also. He loves to wear gold. He often quoted at many instances that ” Gold is my God”.

Fact-49 Last Bollywood song

His last bollywood song was Bhankas from Baaghi 3.In the same year He sang for Ravi Teja’s film “Rum Pum Bum”. He was last seen on tv in Salman khan’s Big Boss 15 Where he promoted his grandson Swastik Bansal’s album “Bachcha Party”

Fact-50 Bappi Da’s first gold Jewelry

Bappi Lahiri’s first gold jewelry was Hare Krishna gold chain. In an interview he said-

“My mother gave me this Hare Krishna Hare Ram medallion after my first picture hit. The locket around my throat is to protect my throat. In Hollywood , famous singers Elvis Presley used to wear gold chains. I was a huge follower of Presley. I used to think ,If I become successful someday, then I will build a different image of mine. By the grace of God, I could do it with gold. Earlier people used to think ,it is just a way to show off. But it is not so. Gold is lucky for me.”

Fact-51 Gold tea set

On the occasion of Dhanteras Bappi Lahiri asked his wife to bring gold tea set which he saw somewhere. Her wife bought the gold tea set for him on that occasion.

Fact-53 When Rajkumar suggested Bappi Lahiri to wear Mangalsutra

Once veteran actor Rajkumar has mocked ‘Bappi Da for wearing too much gold and , told him to wear A ‘Mangalsutra’

“Waah, shaandaar. Ek se ek gahane, bas mangalsutra ki kamee rah gayi hai.”

Fact-54 Bappi Da during his last Journey waring goggles and chain

During is his final journey, from Juhu, Mumbai to the Pawan Hans crematorium, Bappi Da has been seen in his iconic Goggles and gold chain. Nation mourns for his sad demise. 

Fact-55 Mumbai police tribute to Bappi Lahiri

Mumbai Police has paid his tribute to Bappli Lahiri after his death due to Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) his death on 15-February 2022,by publishing the following photo


Lastly we will say Bappi Lahiri “Chalte Chalte Mere Ye Geet Yaad Rakhna Kabhi Alwida Na Kahna”


Q1. Is Bappi Lahiri Blind?

Ans: No, Bappi Lahiri is not blind. He likes to wear goggles.

Q2. Whether Bappi Lahiri was suffering from any disease?

Ans. Bappi Lahiri was covid 19 positive but recovered . Later He was suffering from (OSA) Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is a sleeping disorder.

Q3. What was the death reason of Bappi Lahiri?

Ans. Bappi Lahiri died of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Is is a medical condition from which 28 million Indians are suffering.

Q4. What is OSA?

Ans. OSA stands for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, It is a medical disorder. It is an obstruction of airways when someone is sleeping.

Q5. What Are the Risk Factors of OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Ans. The tendency of muscle tone or tension in muscle tone weakens when someone falls asleep. The tendency of weakening is more in peoples suffering from OSA and due to this there wouldn’t be sufficient air and blood supply to the body and It may cause death.

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