When Nora Fatehi holds the national flag "upside down," she receives vicious trolls.

At a recent FIFA Fanfest performance, Nora Fatehi danced to several Bollywood songs while also raising the Indian flag.

The "Dilbar" girl, however, has been mocked online for holding the tiranga incorrectly.

in response to this video, mocking Nora. Fans that applauded Nora Fatehi's gesture at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,

very bad treatment to our national flag... but she also tried also well but the flag was going here n there her body... thoda practice Karki ati tow tya jata... always be careful when our national flag you touch...till returns to someone's hand ...

on the other hand, did so with heart and clapping emojis.

This video recently appeared on social media: Comments like "Tiranga thik se pakdo,"

"Indian flag ulta kyun pakra Nora Madam," and "Ap apna dance dikhane gyi ho to vo karo tringe ka apmaan nhi" were made by online user